Living From Within

“The deeper the Self-realization of a man, the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle spiritual vibrations, and the less he himself is affected by the phenomenal flux.”-Paramhansa Yogananda The energy of every individual is determined not just by their words and actions but more so by the thoughts, intentions and imagination one carries within. The thoughts we … Read More

Inner Transformation

Swami Kriyananda once said, “Self-transformation is the first and foremost thing that has to happen…” Many people wonder, “Is it really possible to change ourselves in a fundamental way? No matter what we do, do we eventually revert to where we started, to our old habit patterns—like the dieter who loses weight and then repeatedly gains all of that weight back … Read More


Fountain of Joy – Finding My Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda

Finding perennial joy is the goal of human life. Alas, the way to that joy isn’t always clear – it’s full of detours and traps along the way. But the guidance of a Satguru (a true Master) can save us from the pangs of delusion. Read how Shruti found her way to joy and happiness within her own being. On … Read More

Blog, Meditation

Feeling Like There’s Not Enough Time in the Day? Meditation Can Help

“I don’t have time to meditate!” is the most common obstacle to meditation. Fortunately, meditation is one of those practices that give you the best return on time invested. Learn how to can tackle perpetual busyness to find time for your spiritual practices and become more efficient with the help of meditation. So far in the 21st century, technology has … Read More

Am I Denying Myself the Best that I Can Have?

An ambition or a new project coming to your mind indicates that you have the possibility of achieving it. Instead of shrinking from the challenge, learn to say “Yes” to life and realize your true potential. Very often we set a goal for ourselves, and then find ourselves stop working towards it. Of course, we never achieve that goal then. … Read More


A Pilgrimage With Mahavatar Babaji and Maa Ganga

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand has a special significance for all who tread the path of Kriya Yoga. Here, the yoga master who revived Kriya in the modern age, Lahiri Mahasaya, first got initiated by his Guru, Mahavatar Babaji. As the story goes in Autobiography of a Yogi, Lahiri was transferred to Ranikhet while working as an accountant in a Military Engineering Department … Read More


The Magic of Affirmations

Experimenting with eternal truths generates faith and trust in the Divine. That in turn puts one in the flow of grace. This blog chronicles the results of an experiment on Affirmations, taken up by members of the Ananda Delhi Healing Group. Very interesting read. Being devotees of the line of Ananda Sangha Gurus, we’re actively engaged in healing prayers for … Read More


Why the Teen Years and The Early 20s Are a Good Time to Learn to Meditate

The twenties are a difficult phase of life. This is when one experiences a quarter-life crisis where doubt creeps in and one isn’t sure of what the next logical step is. This is where meditation can do wonders by giving deeper self-awareness to those in their teens and early twenties. It helps them listen to their inner, intuitive wisdom for … Read More


My Reflections on Kriya

Kriya is not just a meditation technique but a profound game-changer for the body, mind, and soul. Kriya heals and helps develop a perception of the deeper pattern of life. Most significantly, Kriya helps tune into God’s presence and the assurance of His everlasting love, purifying the heart and the mind, helping us to transform ourselves. Kriya is not meditation, … Read More


My Beginning on the Path 

We never really know the deep thirst of our own soul or its subtle yet strong connections. Read how a chance encounter with the picture of Yogananda and Babaji drew a ‘non-religious’ soul onto the spiritual path and started its joyful journey towards God-realization. I was never too religious or spiritual. I would play along when my mother would have … Read More