Why the Teen Years and The Early 20s Are a Good Time to Learn to Meditate

The twenties are a difficult phase of life. This is when one experiences a quarter-life crisis where doubt creeps in and one isn’t sure of what the next logical step is. This is where meditation can do wonders by giving deeper self-awareness to those in their teens and early twenties. It helps them listen to their inner, intuitive wisdom for … Read More


My Reflections on Kriya

Kriya is not meditation, kriya is not a technique, kriya is not a power. Kriya is the art and science of staying in the soul, the Atman. I say that not because of how I feel during or after meditation, but how I feel throughout the day. The soul or the Atman is free. It is free to be, just … Read More


My Beginning on the Path 

I was never too religious or spiritual. I would play along when my mother would have my siblings and me observe certain Hindu or Arya Samaj rituals and festivals; or when my husband who, unlike me, was always spiritually inclined, would insist on visits to places of worship with our children, or put on chants and devotional music every morning.  … Read More


Kriya Yoga
– an Ever-New Art and Science

Every year Google shares the search trends of the year, and this year too they have released a video ‘Google – Year in Search 2021’. The description of the video said ‘In a year that continued to test many, the world searched “how to heal” more than ever. Whether they’re taking care of mental health, honouring a loved one, or … Read More


Be a Channel of Light

I had been with Swami Kriyananda for less than a year when he asked me, along with about ten other devotees of Ananda Village, to go to Los Angeles with him for a visit. First, he asked if I could sing. I think he established that at least I didn’t have a painfully awful voice. Thus, we went to Los … Read More


Why Consciousness Is the Ultimate
Frontier of Human Evolution

According to modern science, the world is meaningless, the Universe came out of nothing, and evolution is merely a random phenomenon. However, there’s one thread that runs through everything – animate or inanimate – which gives meaning to all that is – Consciousness. This is where we’re headed. The exploration of consciousness alone will get us to where we want … Read More


The Magic of the Energization Exercises

I have been practicing Yogananda ji’s Energization Exercises for almost a year now. I did not start them with any expectations. Even today, I don’t do them with any expectations. I do them because I feel inspired to do them every day and feel that’s the right thing to do. One day, I banged my right foot very hard on … Read More


Cultivating Inner Peace & Calmness

Whether one is new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, the one feeling that is experienced and acknowledged by a lot of people is a feeling of peace and calmness within. The challenge thereafter is mostly to retain this feeling especially when we navigate through the often unpredictable ups and downs of life. Before my conscious spiritual journey began in … Read More


How Meditation Changed My Life

In the summer of 2017, I came across Steve Jobs, the authorized, self-titled biography by Walter Isaacson. Up until that time, I had never read a book that big. The size of the book was formidable but to my surprise, Jobs’ life and Isaacson’s writing were quite captivating. Not only did I read the entire book but I also later … Read More

Meaningful Relationships

I recall those days, as a teenager when the word “relationship” meant the boy-girl romantic, starry-eyed couple. Moving a few years ahead as a young adult, it still held the “romantic couple” thing, although more grounded in reality. As I rode the roller-coaster of life, the meaning of relationships slowly unfolded with family, dear friends, teachers, guides, colleagues, helping staff, … Read More