An ambition or a new project coming to your mind indicates that you have the possibility of achieving it. Instead of shrinking from the challenge, learn to say “Yes” to life and realize your true potential.

Meditation on moonrise

Meditation on Moonrise by Jyotish

Very often we set a goal for ourselves, and then find ourselves stop working towards it. Of course, we never achieve that goal then.

Another time, we feel we could be a good painter or a musician, or a good surgeon, but somewhere along the way to becoming these, we get distracted, or feel discouraged and give up. So again, we never become that outstanding artist or musician, or surgeon.

Often we feel we can’t get something we desire because somewhere inside we feel we don’t deserve it – that it is too good for us.

These self-imposed limitations on our capabilities and achievements lead to a life of unrealized potential.

By the time you turn 40 or 45, you find your life has been only half as exciting as it could have been. Disheartenment starts setting in, and you surrender to the thought that there’s only so much you are capable of.

By the time you are perhaps sixty, you feel done with new achievements, often just passing your days, feeling out of sync with your own self.

All of this is a very sad summary of life, and quite contrary to the teachings of the Great Ones who tell us we are Divine with Infinite Divine possibilities.

The truth is, we have within us the power to achieve great heights and even perform miracles.
Many people after the age of 45 or 50 start giving up on undertaking anything new, and lamely say, “Oh that’s for the younger generation. At my age I can’t…, it’s too late “. It could be about a new skill or a new technology or a new concept, or even handling the new kitchen mixer.

There is, on the other hand, a very vibrant way of life that is open to all of us, inviting us to see new horizons.

For me, it has been different. When I was younger, I would give up a project for a shortage of time or energy. But as I grew older, I found I was even more enthusiastic about new things.

This was because I learned to say “Yes” to life. In response, Life brought something fresh and new to my doorstep every other day. I was on an energy grid of a different frequency.

Then the best thing had happened to me: I had found my charger or re-charger in the form of inspiration from Ananda teachings, and over the last ten years, I have managed to bounce back and work at a goal more often than totally relinquishing it.

Why does a goal or ambition or dream come to mind at all in the first place?

There’s something I suspect: The popping up of a goal in our mind, secretly indicates that it is a possibility for us. It is within our reach, rather, it is just within our reach. We only need to stick to it and not give up.

I cannot guarantee the truth of this intuitive understanding that I have. You have to try and experiment with it. Maybe you will turn around with stars in your eyes and say, ‘Oh I did it! I never thought I could’

Want to give it try?

With love and best wishes,
Rashmi Krishnan


  1. I need the same inspiration in my life.
    All I can relate is the inward path.

    1. mm

      Raghav, the idea is, when you’re young,you jump up and take on challenges, enjoy the ups and downs, secure in the faith that if God sent us into the world, surely He’s watching us, and nothing can really destroy us.

  2. I agree,my passions cooking, painting and gardening are all blooming now only at 62years, I feel I have so much more to achieve and every day brings new hope and joy.

    1. mm

      Yes, Prasanna, I’ve been watching your talents at painting, cooking and gardening are really blooming. Sometimes it seems we are more ourselves at the ripe age of 60+

  3. Like you Rashmi I too want to give this a try. May be I’m successful.

    1. mm

      Alka ji, you have had an amazingly successful career, and have proved yourself to the world again and again. I think now is the time to really have fun in life

  4. This was a very fun and light read. Hits right on the issue which lies in the centre of a lot our lives. Kudos

  5. Beautiful and gives a great insight through your learning experience and is transforming article, yes we need to say “YES” to life, thank you for the light. Gratitude

    1. mm

      Dear Vahini, so glad to know you could resonate with it. Keep going strong, you’re going go have a great life, and when you look back a couple of years later, you’ll have fresh respect for the great person you are. Persistence and perseverance is always the true mark of a successful person.

  6. Reshmi, really encouraging article, especially for senior citizens. It is challenging me to take up activities I left behind in life.

    1. mm

      Hi Irene! Am so happy to know you read it and enjoyed it. I say, let’s pick up one talent we had, and we didn’t get the opportunity to let it flourish, and let’s try and rejuvenate it, enjoy the hidden expert within us. It’s like meeting a new version of yourself. Really fun!

  7. Very Well Articulated

    Yes we all come through situations when we feel that there is no road ahead. However, in case we have the Will, we will be able to find the path out and make the journey forward

    1. mm

      Thank you, Vivek ji! Glad you liked it. I’ve been enjoying your writings immensely!

  8. mm

    Thank you Geetanjali, you really got the idea.
    Speaks volumes for your receptivity

  9. mm

    And so many thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. It is so very rewarding for me. Like I’m meeting everyone in person and having these lovely exchanges
    Joy be with all of you

  10. Great post very inspiring, showing path to all . Love yourself and focus on all activities which rejuvenates you.

  11. Dear Rashmi ji, thank you for such an inspiring article. Would definitely try doing all those things I had always wanted to do

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