Seva at Ananda

“Activities that are undertaken in a spirit of joyous service have the effect of putting one in tune with the infinite source of all power. The more consciously one acts as a channel for divine energy, the more he finds his inner powers actually increasing.” Swami Kriyananda

Nayaswami Jyotish shares this beautiful inspiration about this important principle of seva/service. (Recorded during Ananda’s Inner Renewal Retreat in February 2023).

The whole of the spiritual path is meant to dissolve the ego. Paramhansa Yogananda very strongly said, that you will never get there without selfless service, without seva. When you selflessly serve others, the masters and God flow through you, so you become a channel of blessing to other people.

For a devotee, all actions can be a form of karma yoga when one does one’s duties with the thought of God flowing through oneself. Where needs exist, whether large or small, willing hands make miracles happen. We encourage you to share a little of your time, your skills and especially your energy in service to share the vibrations and the teachings of our Master.

Seva From Home - Contribute Your Time

Some ideas of seva that you can do from home:

  • Support social media (by sharing, posting, and being champions for Ananda Delhi)
  • Design simple graphics for online posts and sharing
  • Create other interesting content (such as videos or art) for social media sharing (we can give you ideas)
  • Offer technical help to those that need assistance tuning in online
  • Organize informal satsang opportunities for small groups online
  • Pray for others as a healing prayer angel
  • Participate in a calling campaign to connect with gurubhais

If you have any other ideas to serve, please suggest what you would be interested in. Let’s share our joy with more and more truth seeking souls!

Many Hands Make a Miracle!