Ananda is a beacon of light, breaking through the darkness of this world with the universal teachings of Self-realization. Thank you for being a part of this community of souls who support each other on our path to God.

If your life has been touched by our Gurus’ teachings and vibrations, please consider supporting Ananda Delhi in reaching out expansively to truth-seeking souls.

Giving back to the source of our inspiration assures that abundance and blessings continue to flow in our lives.

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If you feel inspired to support Ananda Sangha on a regular basis, we invite you to become a Supporting Member by pledging a certain amount every month.

Just as our monthly salary allows us to pay the monthly bills and plan our monthly expenses, the Ananda Delhi Supporting Membership Programme provides a stable financial inflow that enables the ashram to sustain its day-to-day activities and expand our outreach to share Master’s teachings, his light, love and joy with more truth seekers.

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    Your donation is tax-deductible

    Donations to Ananda Sangha are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the IT Act, 1961. You will receive your 80G tax exemption certificate.

    Your Donation Supports…
    • Ananda Delhi’s monthly tithe to support the expansion of Ananda throughout India
    • Ananda Delhi’s monthly tithe to support Yogananda’s Public Charitable Trust, and the widow mothers in Vrindavan
    • Ananda Delhi’s day-to-day offerings of ongoing programs and special events, such as Satsangs, morning and evening guided sadhanas (energisation exercises, meditation, affirmations), healing prayers, Ananda Yoga, devotional kirtans, special classes, etc.
    • Ongoing maintenance of the ashram, both inside and outside
    • Operational services – web services, social media, accounting and other services
    • Promotion and communication outreach to help truth-seekers find us
    The Joy of Giving by Swami Kriyananda

    “Being a supporting member has made me feel connected to the great work in the spirit of sharing.
    It is an expression of faith in God and and keeps the bond between me and the Masters intact and sound.” – Sonal

    “Ever since I became a supporting member, I have found deep gratification in my spiritual journey. I have experienced Master’s presence in transforming many difficult situations in my life.” – Nirmala

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