On one fine Saturday evening, I was watching one of the many talks of Asha Nayaswami on YouTube. This one was about how to increase your magnetism to manifest the desired success in your life. Within a
few minutes, I was immersed in the experience of absorbing the wisdom she was sharing so gracefully.

My face had a huge smile and my eyes were completely fixated on her the whole time I was listening to her. As if I were to witness one of the most special moments of my life after the talk is over. And sure I did!

Somewhere during the talk, she mentioned a story about the times when she was living in the presence of Swami Kriyananda. She told everyone how Swami ji would address all of them as great souls! Her eyes were glowing from reverence as she began explaining what it meant to her and why, according to her, he used to address everyone there as great souls.

I am quite an imaginative person, so naturally, I was transported to that time and place in my mind while she was telling the story. And, I could almost feel what she used to feel in those moments of love and
encouragement. In that instant, I wished to be born in her times; to live in the presence of someone like Swami ji who would know very well that I am a fetus in my spiritual journey, yet tries his best to encourage me and most importantly remind me of who I really am through such powerful words.

That day I went to bed wishing if only I were born in the 70s. The very next morning I had my Level-2 class at Ananda Delhi. I am always happy to spend my Sunday at Ananda. My morning there began with attending the satsang, then we had prasad and after that I went for my class happening in the temple. That day Daya came into our class for the very first time. I say it again she came into our class like this for the very first time since I joined Ananda which was almost one and a half months at that point in time. I don’t remember exactly when it happened – during our class break or after the class was over. But she entered into the temple joyfully, looked at all of us, and said, “Hello, great souls!”

The first thing that crossed my mind was, “What a coincidence!”.

Only a few hours ago, I was ready to be born in the 70s only to hear these words from a great teacher like Swami Ji. And now here I was standing in the temple at my Ananda center, casually experiencing
things my heart has been longing for since I don’t know when.

Though, I know from experience that it was not a mere coincidence. I believe, at that particular moment, Masters and Swami Ji were trying to make me realize that I already have the physical presence of a great teacher around me. I already have what I need to progress in my spiritual journey. I don’t need to look anywhere else. And also, I don’t need to look for them as well in this three-dimensional reality because they don’t need a tangible form to communicate with us, to be with us.

It might be an ordinary incident for someone. But this instance was very special to me because it gave me confirmation (in a language only I understand) that I am at the right place, in the right era and most importantly I am with the right people. Basically, I am where I am supposed to be, where I belong.

I am finally home!


  1. Inspiring, how small details can be held with great value that it deserves
    Lovely blog Upasana !

  2. mm

    This is such a sweet blog. I just love it. Comes straight from the heart. Surely there is no veil of any kind between Upasana on the one hand, and God and the Gurus on the other. They’re all so beautifully immersed in the same ocean of Divine Love.

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