Spiritual Sundays for Children

Spiritual Sundays for Children

It is a cooperative effort of families involved with Ananda Sangha. Everything that happens at Ananda emerges from the willingness and energy of the individuals who participate. Our Spiritual Sundays for Children is parent-driven, created to spiritually support children and families.

This program aims to redirect the boundless energies of children inwardly to spiritual activities such as chanting, affirmations, storytelling, and role-playing. As parents, you already are attuned to an awareness of higher consciousness. These classes would guide your children to those aspects, which give meaning to life and thus spiritualize the whole family life.

The Ananda Family Sangha at Ananda Delhi is a cooperative effort of families involved with Ananda Sangha. Our Children’s Activities are parent-driven, created to spiritually support children and families during Sunday Satsang at the Ananda Ashram in Panchsheel Park. Everything that happens at Ananda emerges from the willingness and energy of the individuals who participate.

Sunday Activities begin at 9:00 am, please bring your child to the downstairs classroom by this time. Please come with your child to the Sunday school classroom. If a child is having a difficult time transitioning into the classroom, we ask that the parent accompany them until they feel comfortable. We want the child’s experience in Sunday Activities to be positive and enjoyable.

Sunday Activities end at approximately 10:50 am, at which time the children go outside on the lawn for snacks until the blessing at the end of Sunday Satsang in the temple. The children will return to the temple and rejoin their families at that time.

If your child/children are in this age bracket, please have them join our Family Activities.

Upcoming Programs

“Tap Your Highest Potential” – Spiritual Sundays for Children (for ages 10-15 years old) (In-Person Only)
Sunday 12 May, 9:45 – 11:00 am More

“Finding Happiness” – Spiritual Sundays for Children (for ages 5-10 years old)
Sunday 19 May, 9:45 – 11:00 am. More

About the Teachers
Renu Sachar

Renu Sachar worked in a reputed public school and has experience teaching adolescents for the past 33 years. She came to Ananda Sangha 12 years back and now she has been doing classes based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and the Education for Life (EFL) curriculum, for the school students.

Seema Aggarwal came to Ananda in 2014, a kriyaban since 2017, and has dedicated her life to seva. She worked as a journalist for Business Standard and then as a Montessori teacher trainer. For the past 3 years, she is serving as one of the mentors for spiritual Sunday classes in Ananda Delhi.


Roshu Gupta follows the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and is a Kriyaban. She joined Ananda in 2015. Professionally, she comes from an HR recruitment background. She has also worked with NGOs and helped covid affected families to rehabilitate. Her passion for spreading Yogananda’s teachings has led her to be a part of the family sangha at Ananda. She truly believes that children’s education should be holistic which helps them to have a strong foundation.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call Renu, at 9899877067 or Seema at 8527711447, or email Renu at anandarenuvarun@gmail.com.


My heartfelt gratitude to Ananda Delhi for organising Spiritual Sunday for Kids. We feel blessed that children can get this environment where they meditate, chant, and practice superconscious living exercises. Also, they learn to connect with themselves and nature in their formative years in a fun and creative ways. My daughter has been attending since the age of 5 years, now she is 9 and she continues to participate with the same zeal. Also, especially in these times of exposure and modernization, these programs have helped inculcate our ancient value system, which keeps her grounded and aware. A must-attend for all kids and even teenagers. – Rashoo

Kids are learning to be connected spiritually, especially with other kids who are neither from their neighbourhood nor school. They become aware of their energy and how to channelise that in the right direction and also learn essential values in life through various fun and creative activities formulated by EFL-trained teachers. Sanjana Sachar

It was indeed Dhruv’s good luck that he had this opportunity to learn the spiritual teachings in a fun way. This is an impressionable age, whatever we see, learn and do at this age becomes a habit for life. The way the teachers are helping them build good values is remarkable. Children feel homely and gel in no time. They celebrate together festivals like Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. Dhruv always looks forward to these Spiritual Sundays. We feel blessed that with this initiative, we as parents can provide him with an enabling environment where he can nurture spiritual qualities to have a more fulfilling and satisfying life. – Pallavi Shukla