Ancient Keys to Success & Happiness

Ancient Keys to Success & Happiness

Awaken your true potential, attract prosperity, and find joy

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Yogic Tools for All-Round Well-Being

Freedom From Stress and Anxiety

Learn how to remain calm and joyful amidst life’s trials. Combining the latest scientific research from Harvard Health with simple yet powerful ancient yogic tools, learn how to greatly reduce stress and anxiety in life. Understand the nature of stress and effective ways to stop it as soon as it arises.

Become a Master of Focus in a World of Distraction

With countless factors vying for our attention, how to focus and concentrate to excel in all that we accomplish? With ancient yogic tools backed by modern research, we’ll learn how to increase concentration, and productivity.

Money Magnetism: How to Attract What You Need When You Need It

Discover the hidden laws of success and prosperity and learn to attract what you need – when you need it. Understand the meaning of true health and security; learn to remove fear, insecurity, and other blockages to attracting money; discover the infallible power of giving that increases money magnetism and learn practical tools to apply in daily life.

How to Be Happy at Will: A Yogic Science

To seek happiness outside ourselves is like trying to lasso a cloud. Happiness is not a thing: It is a state of mind. It must be lived. Most people delay their happiness trying to make the outer world “just right.” But we know that almost never happens. By learning how to be happy at will using scientific techniques one can achieve inner happiness that is immune to outer inconveniences. 

Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life

Success in every area of life depends on the power of one’s magnetism to attract it. Magnetism is not only a property in metals but also in humans – an inner force that attracts things, people, and opportunities that are on the same “wavelength.” Learn the lesser-known science behind the Law of Attraction and the daily practices that can change your life.

How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality

Who doesn’t want more energy and joy in life? Everyone wants it. But very few understand the subtle laws governing health. Even fewer people understand how to apply these laws in daily life for all-around well-being. In this module, we’ll address practical, wide-ranging, and fascinating suggestions on how to live a radiantly healthy life. 

Learn how to gain the greatest energy from the food you eat; work without fatigue; overcome mental stagnation; deep relaxation and priceless exercises for rejuvenating the body and mind.

Energisation Exercises

The Energization Exercises: An Essential Tool for Radiant Health and Successful Living

Your body, your health, your happiness, and your very thoughts, are determined by the level and direction of your energy. Who you are is merely a projection of a committed energy pattern. Once you become aware, you can choose to redirect and reform your energy pattern. A daily practice of Energization is a subtle but powerful tool for self-transformation. It has deep physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

How to Receive Intuitive Guidance to Make Better Decisions

 Life often gives us such difficult situations for which there’s no easy answer. We want to do what is right, but finding a clear solution is not always easy. There is an inner faculty, however, that can guide us to the right path – the power of intuition. True intuition is more than a “hunch.” If we learn to use it, it can provide clear insight into all of life’s decisions. Learn how to receive intuitive insights and draw creative solutions at will.

Results Achieved

Controlled Reactions

Gain control over how you react to others, especially in tense situations

Practical Techniques

Use quick and simple breathing techniques to increase focus, and break the stress response 

Increased Calmness

Respond calmly to deadlines, competing priorities, interruptions, and hectic work schedules

Better Decision Making

Learn to evaluate situations more impersonally and make better decisions.

↓Stimulant Dependance

Reduce dependence on unhealthy coping mechanisms – caffeine, anger, alcohol, escapism, etc.

Increased Empathy

Empathise and communicate better with difficult employees or peers.

Leaders Speak

"The course was very well structured and delivered exceptionally well. The focus was on giving participants real practical tools that they could use in their busy everyday lives. The delivery was practical, interactive, and experiential. Greatly appreciated by all participants both online and in-person."
Amit Gupta
Corporate Chief Actuary, Senior VP, AXA/XL
"Ananda exposure to Mobilous has been truly validated with the renewal of the program after a gap of 3 months. The meditation classes for the team have helped them to unwind and destress from their busy work schedules and go back to their families every weekend, in a happy mood. A good relaxation with more meaningful interactions at home on the weekend was reflective of the renewed energies of everyone when they got back on Monday mornings. I would insist organisations to spare a thought to the Ananda programs for productivity and overall mental wellness of their teams."
Rakesh Sharma
CEO, Mobilous
"These simple tools not only helped me deal with challenges but taught me how to achieve calmness in midst of adversity, have strength to take up new challenges and remain ever joyful inside ."
Varun Kapur
Senior Business Manager , SAS Institute (India) Pvt Ltd
Daily meditation has brought about phenomenal transformation both personally & professionally. I am in the apparel Industry which is subjected to excessive work hours, intense travel & high stress. Meditation has helped to calm my mind thereby improving focus & clarity. I am able to achieve more in the same amount of time and still keep energy levels high.
Nirmala Fernandes
Director, Global Apparel

About the Instructors

Hari Sudhan

Hari Sudhan

Hari, a certified meditation teacher and an architect by profession, finds his joy and balance through meditation and by living a yogic lifestyle. After getting his Bachelor of Architecture from Anna University, Hari worked as an architect for 10 years. During time time, he was introduced to the ancient yogic teachings and their power to change all aspects of his life. Soon after, he left his career behind to share these teachings with the world full-time at our centre in Panchsheel Park as well as students and corporates all across India. 

Sachi Vajani

Sachi Vajani

Sachi Vajani, a Yoga Alliance Certified Ananda Yoga teacher since 2017, regularly leads yoga, meditation, and other special classes and workshops. She works with people from all walks of life – students, corporate professionals, and experienced yoga practitioners. Professionally, Sachi is an artist specialized in canvas painting.

Shivendra Misra

Shivendra Misra

Shivendra Misra is a certified meditation teacher at Ananda and has been working with corporations, schools, and universities to help them achieve holistic well-being in all aspects of life for the last three years. A graduate of Shri Ram College of Commerce, he’s founded and helped various businesses in the education, retail, and technology space.

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Whether you are looking for multiple-day corporate retreats or quick online workshops, we can customize our programs to fit the needs of your organisation. We routinely create custom programs for our partners to help their team achieve their goals – whatever they may be. 

You can either fill the form or call/text us on the information below. It will be our joy to speak to you!

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Whether you are looking for multiple-day corporate retreats or quick online workshops, we can customize our programs to fit the needs of your organisation. We routinely create custom programs for our partners to help their team achieve their goals – whatever they may be. 

You can either fill the form or call/text us on the information below. It will be our joy to speak to you!

Call/WhatsApp: +91-96509-58815 | Email: