On Sundays at Ananda Sangha Delhi, we frequently hold in-person healing sessions for anyone who may want it. It is not a surprise when people who have never been to Ananda before, walk into the temple and request for healing.

The “Healing Angels” offering this service often know nothing about the person requesting healing, and the healing technique is such that healing can be given without them having any personal knowledge about the person before them.

Now, Paramhansa Yogananda tells us that the healing energy is intelligent. It knows where to go and what to heal. So the Healer, if we may use the term, is merely a channel and is not really required to do anything through personal intent, but rather is guided to the manner of healing and the prayer he or she will offer, seeking the intervention of Divine Grace.  Further, the teachings also say that the effectiveness of the prayers depends not merely upon how good a channel the healer is, but also depends greatly upon the receptivity of the person to be healed.

These principles would be familiar to most of the devotees of the spiritual path of Ananda Sangha. One time I had the opportunity to witness to exactly how they can operate. Here is what I have to share.

During this particular healing prayer session, I had before me two people who had requested healing. One was a long-familiar gurubehen whose healing concerns were well known to me. There was also a person whom I had never seen before at Ananda.  As I took my position to start the prayers, the new person, whom we can call ‘R’ for convenience and anonymity, told me that he wanted time at the end, alone, because he had something to share in confidence.

Normally I would have asked him to wait till I had finished prayers for my gurubehen. However, this time I asked him to pull up his chair and come abreast of the other person. There was no doubt in my mind that he needed to be up within two feet and not eight feet away, as he was.

Again, normally, I would conduct Divine Mother’s healing prayer and close. However, this time I was guided to conduct a centering meditation, followed by a guided meditation upon the heart, where I prayed in a specific way to heal the heart. After I’d finished praying for my gurubehen and she had left, ‘R’ shared his issues with me. I understood then, why I had felt compelled to guide the meditation that I’d conducted: ‘R’ had drawn Divine Healing Energy to himself, in the form of that meditation on the heart, because his pained heart needed it very deeply.

When ‘R’ had left, I was still coming to terms with this new healing prayer process I had been a part of.

The ways of God and Guru are forever unfathomable. Sincere prayers offered with faith can work wonders. That’s all we can say.

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  1. This is such an important healing lesson. Thanks a lot for sharing this and for being a channel!

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