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Hello, Great Souls!

On one fine Saturday evening, I was watching one of the many talks of Asha Nayaswami on YouTube. This one was about how to increase your magnetism to manifest the desired success in your life. Within afew minutes, I was immersed in the experience of absorbing the wisdom she was sharing so gracefully. My face had a huge smile and … Read More

Inner Transformation

Swami Kriyananda once said, “Self-transformation is the first and foremost thing that has to happen…” Many people wonder, “Is it really possible to change ourselves in a fundamental way? No matter what we do, do we eventually revert to where we started, to our old habit patterns—like the dieter who loses weight and then repeatedly gains all of that weight back … Read More

Am I Denying Myself the Best that I Can Have?

An ambition or a new project coming to your mind indicates that you have the possibility of achieving it. Instead of shrinking from the challenge, learn to say “Yes” to life and realize your true potential. Very often we set a goal for ourselves, and then find ourselves stop working towards it. Of course, we never achieve that goal then. … Read More

Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are much more than connections between humans, they can be seen in divine light and hold potential for our spiritual growth. Read on to cultivate the right attitudes to maintain your relationships and achieve harmony with all whom you meet. I recall those days, as a teenager when the word “relationship” meant the boy-girl romantic, starry-eyed couple. Moving a … Read More

How To Use Your Devices For Spiritual Growth

Yogananda said that “filler” activities like checking our phones constantly, reading magazines, etc are detrimental to our concentration and spiritual lives. In this world of distraction, however, it seems almost impossible to give them up. Self-control is often not enough and we end up getting distracted despite our earnest efforts. In this article, we will explore certain tricks and tips … Read More

Divine Friendships lead to Spiritual Victory

It is often quite hard to live in a community full of people, or let’s say, be in an organization where we work with others. All of us are in some way different from each other, and yet are the same because we are on the spiritual path, whether in the cities, countryside, or elsewhere. Every soul is evolving. And … Read More

Benefits Of Energization Exercises

In 1916 that Paramhansa Yogananda introduced the Yogoda exercises – meaning, that which gives harmony or equilibrium at all levels- body, mind & soul. The teenaged boys in the Ranchi school of Paramhansa Yogananda were greatly benefitted from them. They learned to recharge their body batteries by daily practicing them, and by learning to engage their Willpower and Concentration. When … Read More


I have been getting trained in Indian Classical Music – vocals, for a few years now. One of the sadhanas for the advanced students in Indian music is called a Chilla. Traditionally in this sadhana, the musician had to remain in isolation for a period of 40 days in strict discipline to achieve a very high level of skill, which … Read More

Where is the finger pointing?

During these times of lockdown, we find ourselves confined to small spaces. Should we decide to venture out, there are many restrictions to how we should conduct ourselves. However, the initial chafing against enforced restraint has given way to calm acceptance and a grudging acknowledgment that life may never be the same again, we can never be sure what the … Read More