In 1916 that Paramhansa Yogananda introduced the Yogoda exercises – meaning, that which gives harmony or equilibrium at all levels- body, mind & soul. The teenaged boys in the Ranchi school of Paramhansa Yogananda were greatly benefitted from them. They learned to recharge their body batteries by daily practicing them, and by learning to engage their Willpower and Concentration. When asked which one technique that one must have if marooned on an island, Yoganandaji answered, “Energization Exercises!”

I am a great fan of the Energization exercises. You may wonder why? Going back in time, I was a newcomer to Ananda Sangha and had just learnt these exercises. I used to have a little deep-seated and pricking pain in my right ankle while walking due to a six-month-old severe ankle injury. As a result, I used to skip the ankle rotation exercise for my right ankle. After 2 months I thought of trying it gently with that ankle, and the first time was fine. A few days later I ventured into doing the same again, but with little more intensity. Gradually I was doing it wholly and properly. The most amazing thing was that the pain in my right ankle vanished and never returned. I was incredibly surprised and this marked the beginning of my becoming a big fan of the Energization Exercises. The more I tried to understand and experiment, the more I realized that our Guru could not have given us a better gift. I see now the wisdom behind our Master’s strong emphasis on learning and doing them regularly.

Is this a miracle? I wondered at first. Yes, surely it is a miracle that the Power of the Infinite life force is able to flow through us. The more we engage our willpower, as Yoganandaji said, the more is the flow of this divine energy – which is all healing, unblocking, vitalizing and balancing. Energization Exercises are a wonderful way to start the day, giving us our morning dose of Divine Energy.

What I love about these Energization Exercises:
• They are easy-to-do and practical
• Anybody can do them
• No paraphernalia is required
• They can be done anywhere – even while travelling
• Usually done standing, they can also be done also seated on a chair
• There’s no exhaustion post exercises, in fact, they help overcome tiredness as they draw in life force and revitalize the tissues.
• They promote and facilitate the healing process subsequent to injuries or illness.
• There are countless benefits, too many to mention here

I am a mentor for the Ananda Sangha Online Kriya Homestudy Courses in English and Hindi. Many students have contacted me saying that they have been symptomatic with covid, or are in the recovery phase, they’re feeling weak and not able to stand & do their Energization Exercise routine. I suggest that they do just 4 or 5 at a time, sitting on a chair, or even lying on the bed, focusing on the flow of Cosmic Energy through them to the various body parts. This has proven highly beneficial for the students. In the current scenario, these powerful Exercises play a great role in enhancing our immunity. They recharge our cells with Lifeforce /Prana and strengthen our auras.

Let us reinforce to ourselves with the words of Paramhansa Yogananda,

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