During these times of lockdown, we find ourselves confined to small spaces. Should we decide to venture out, there are many restrictions to how we should conduct ourselves.

However, the initial chafing against enforced restraint has given way to calm acceptance and a grudging acknowledgment that life may never be the same again, we can never be sure what the future will hold. The Here and the Now is where we are in terms of mental orientation, planning, and physical activity.

Not long ago strangers met and engaged with each other for work, business and pleasure. Malls and cinema houses held huge gatherings with people rubbing shoulders and breathing the same air.  In restaurants and hotels we enjoyed food shared between us, unhesitatingly using plates, cutlery, napkins without any thought of harm. Today it is different. Fear has gripped the mind that this potentially fatal illness  might  enter quietly and only show itself after complete inner destruction. The essence of human civilisation is changing.

Covid 19 has cut everyone down to size.

The old way of life seems now impossible.

While everyone has been pushed into small stand-alone modes of existence, the  young  are afraid to meet new people and even to be with the elders whom they love. The old are apprehensive of letting the young go outside for fear they might return as carriers of the disease. There is a quality of isolation brought on by apprehension of the unknown.

“Go out and conquer the world” is unthinkable now, at least on the physical plane. Another  conqueror is out there everywhere : a virus.

Is there any meaning to this apparently mindless grounding of the world?

There is a saying in India, “uski marzi ke bina patta bhi nahi girta”. It means even a leaf doesn’t fall without His consent.  For generations we have lived with this as a philosophy and accepted what came to us, saying “it is the will of God.”

Is it not then again the will of God that we should be living through this? If everything comes to us as a lesson,  then what is the lesson to be learnt here?

As we are driven within, quiet contemplation becomes the natural frame of mind. Rather than engage with the outer world and other people, we need to engage more within, and tune into the Divine design. Joy is no longer out there. We must turn to the Joy that is  within, in calm acceptance of the new present. We must limit our endless desires.

We can no longer travel the world. So let’s travel within, where we can now find space for the childlike joy in small things, like the joy we experienced when we were younger.

Regarding the rest of the world,  we, as the highest evolved form of life, need to  be instruments of God’s intention for this earth. Our expansion now has to be in terms of acceptance, and thinking of ourselves as a part of all that is, not as the rulers of this earth. We are not entitled to taking whatever we want and as much as we want whether we even need it or not. Our needs have been curtailed by circumstances. From the self-centred thought of I, Me, and Mine we must move towards respect for others: other people, other living beings, and the sanctity of Mother Earth.

The message the Universe is giving is clear: we need to change our consciousness. A slower, calmer way of life is coming to us. Tuning into the Superconscious, superior thought, and superior ways of spreading it—are the pattern of the future. Those of us that receive this message and convert to a simpler, less consumerist, more enlightened way of life—will sail into this new era with joy.

It seems as though  Covid has manifested  for moving us faster and deeper into the higher consciousness of  Dwapar Yuga?

Joy to You


  1. mm

    Thank you for appreciating the blog.
    Joy to You

  2. बहुत खूबसूरत तरीके से विश्लेषण किया गया है सभी को सीखने की आवश्यकता है।

  3. Your summary of the present circumstances we as humans now find ourselves in is very insightful Rashmiji. As you have so eloquently pointed out, there is no mistake in what the Universe churns out or in Its underlying messages for mankind. As always, it is up to each and every one of us to take heed of what the Universe is showing us in order to awaken to the next phase of our evolution. COVID-19, as you have described, has brought this opportunity to us all. May we all think deeply and look within where we can find our way to a brighter future than the one we are now leaving behind. Let the new normal be far more mindful and Universally compassionate than the one left behind. Let us put aside that which divides us and focus now on what unites us. World peace and Universal brotherhood be the new norm!

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