Kriya is not just a meditation technique but a profound game-changer for the body, mind, and soul. Kriya heals and helps develop a perception of the deeper pattern of life. Most significantly, Kriya helps tune into God’s presence and the assurance of His everlasting love, purifying the heart and the mind, helping us to transform ourselves.

Kriya is not meditation, kriya is not a technique, kriya is not a power. Kriya is the art and science of staying in the soul, the Atman.

I say that not because of how I feel during or after meditation, but how I feel throughout the day.

The soul or the Atman is free. It is free to be, just be – calm, silent, and peaceful. One can very much forget how to just be in today’s time and age. Yet, to truly know what it is to live this human life, we all need to experience the feeling of being in the Atman.

Human life with all its wants and desires can lead one to a cage – a mental cage where one develops patterns of thinking which can either be empowering or disempowering. The purpose of Kriya is to show us which patterns are either of the two. Thereby we can discriminate between what is good or bad for the soul.

The soul knows how to heal. And it heals only with love – the unconditional love of God. The healing process of the soul, while still being in the human body, begins with the healing of the mind.

The individual soul needs the mind to bring about the experience of God.

The condition of the physical body is further determined by the condition of the mind. The physical body tends to follow the mind and its patterns.

The patterns are there for us to see clearly. They can help us recognize why and where change is needed. This change helps to bring about a shift in perception. That shift in perception can help to bring about a shift in attitude.

An attitude of willingness and wanting to take action is a result of a good flow of energy in the body. The mind and body can work wonders in this state, as one is invisibly guided to more and more action which results in the benefit of one and all.

An attitude of reluctance and laziness is a result of a poor flow of energy in the body. Without energy, we live subconsciously with little awareness of the present moment. This paradigm creates thought patterns of disempowerment and a reality devoid of true joy.

God wants us to live fully in the present and enjoy every moment we have. From His perspective, there is no reason to fear, be anxious, be jealous or be lazy.

God is joy, bliss, and divine love. In the perception of God, life is a gift. Everything should be welcomed, without discrimination, judgment, and fear. God thinks in terms of solutions and wants us to find them, for they are always present. Beyond solutions, God wants us to develop an attitude that is free of fear, laziness, anger, and jealousy. He wants us to see and think clearly.

Kriya can help one to develop this state of mind to live without fear and be true to oneself. Kriya can help one unlock the key to their True Self. The true Self of all selves is the Atman, and the Atman is God.

It is very much possible to experience God while in this physical body, and Kriya is a sure way to get there. In this human body, God can simply be realized by finding and staying absorbed in one’s true Self.

One’s true purpose in life lies in the little things. The intuitive voice inside that guides us to do better, thoughts that steer us to think and act wiser. That is where one can find their true purpose and their true Self. It is in moments of desperation that one seeks to know what it is that they are here for, what they should aspire to do, to be, to become. Each step one takes towards their own journey of self-transformation, is a step close to realizing the bigger picture and truly seeing, how the All is connected.

Just like our physical body needs water to wash away all dirt and impurities, Kriya can help one to purify the mind and the heart to experience life as the gift God has intended!

Jai Guruji!

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