In mid-April ’21 we got to know that my father who is 85+ is covid positive. Initial few days, he was administered medicines & oxygen etc at home only under the doctors prescription. In a few days, his condition deteriorated and the oxygen concentrator of 5L capacity was not enough! He was to be admitted to a hospital …at a time when getting a bed in the hospital in Delhi was out of the question… The oxygen supply in Delhi at that time was equivalent to zero. The thought of sending him to the hospital was dreadful. BUT… I was told there is no other option. We got a bed in a small nursing home at an unheard of location in Delhi with some approach. The next morning he was to be hospitalized!!!

My life condition those days was very low and I was worrisome. No regular meditation… nothing! Anyhow, after finishing the morning homely chores, I waited for a call from my family, since I also had to accompany my brother to the hospital. I thought of meditating briefly as I had got some time in hand. Felt like praying fervently to Mahavatar Babaji.. for the first time. Till this time, I had a connect and used to pray to Master only.

I prayed fervently to Babaji that dad should not be taken to hospital, he should recover well at home only and made a promise to Babaji that I will devote all my life to the cause of Kriya. Just the previous day at the initiation ceremony, Devarshi Ji told new initiates & all others to make a wish to Babaji, who will grant it. Fortunately enough, I attended that session. However, my prayer for my dad to Babaji during the session was not very strong because of the low life force. But, the next day, when dad was to be taken to hospital, it was like do or die situation for me.

After praying fervently, I felt energetic and calm. Meanwhile, I was still waiting for a call from my family… Around 1 pm, I only called to find out why there was a delay. And… I was told that since morning, dad had shown signs of recovery & activeness, like he shaved, exercised a bit on his own, so the urgency for hospitalization was suspended for the time being.

It was a miracle. I was astonished!

‘Masters flow through us all the time’…this statement echoed in my head all the while. We just need to be in surrender mode & they will make the best of us. And ever since, my father is in gradual recovery mode. Hospitalization was never a need! … I am devoting myself more & more to the path of Masters’ Kriya Yoga.

I am humbled by this experience and often say that my father is a soul who unknowingly made another soul, his daughter in the present lifetime, commits to Kriya Yoga. What a great fortune!

Last but not the least, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the healing angels who stood by me and prayed for dad’s recovery. At Ananda, I have a big extended family… cannot thank Gurus enough to take me into their fold and bless me with their Grace. Thanks.

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