Module #1: 

Freedom From Stress and Anxiety: How to Remain Calm and Joyful Amidst Life’s Trials 

Objective: Combining the latest scientific research from Harvard Health with simple yet powerful ancient yogic tools, learn how to greatly reduce stress and anxiety in life. Some areas we will address:

  • Why are we stressed in the first place? Understand the nature of stress and how to tackle it the right way
  • The harmful effects of stress on the mind and body, and how to reverse them
  • Identifying signs of tension and stress in the body, in order to stop it in its tracks

We'll be using a combination of tools such as breath work, elevating music, affirmations, introspection, meditation, and visualization. How we apply these tools will differ depending on the module. 

Time Formats

Depending upon the schedule and preferences of the participants, we can deliver the above modules in different formats:

  • Format 1: Deep Dive (In-Person) - One workshop of 3-4 hours including teaching, interaction, Q&A, a few breaks, and experiential sessions of meditation, yoga, affirmations, music, and more.
  • Format 2: A Series of Classes (In-Person) - 3 workshops of 1.5 hours each.
  • Format 3: Online Series (Online) - 6 classes of 45 mins. each

Post-Workshop Activities

Post-workshop activities can differ according to the need and interests of the participants, as well as the topic at hand. In many cases, a meditation class may make sense. Participants can either join the ones already happening at our center, but can also offer a separate meditation class for them at the workplace. Other activities could include yoga, affirmations, discussions, etc. 

The time formats above are only suggestive in nature. Weekly or bi-weekly follow-ups after the conclusion of the modules are possible. After understanding if participants are practicing, and want new insights, we can help them to solve real-life problems they may face after applying some of the initially shared techniques.