The flu season was again in town, and one after another everyone in my family was falling sick. Despite the fact that I am a yoga practitioner, and take a lot of pride in that, I couldn’t keep a cold at bay. Because of the high temperature, my head was hurting badly, and the medicines weren’t helping. This bothered my younger son and to comfort me he came & sat next to me and gently starting massaging my head. I was touched by his gesture “Akshat you have magical hands, my pain has disappeared” I smiled at him. What parents say to their kids becomes their absolute reality and Akshat took my words to heart. And from that day on every time, someone in the house fell sick Akshat would be there to our rescue with his compassionate heart and magical hands.

Kindness is nothing less than magic. A few words of kindness, simple acts of compassion or a humble healing prayer, have the power to bring joy and hope to a deserted heart. Everything in nature expresses compassion, especially at times needed most. Recently a friend of mine Rashmi shared a beautiful experience. Life seemed overwhelming after the death of her mother who struggled with cancer for a long time. The loss seemed unbearable, and Rashmi could hardly get herself to function for months. She would spend most of her time in bed just to escape the painful reality and only end up crying when awake. After a lot of badgering from friends and family when Rashmi decided to go back to work fascinating things started happening to her. Rashmi would feel the universe was calling out to her, trying to grasp her attention. The flowers blooming along the sidewalk would smile at her as if trying to cheer her up. The bright colors of the sunset sky would enthrall her heart and fill her with warmth and light. And the sweet melody of birds chirping early morning would bring hope to another day in Rashmi’s life. Rashmi shared that not once but many times it felt like Mother Nature was watching out for her, and trying every bit to make her smile.

Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations”. We need kindness at all levels for harmonious living. This world for sure needs more kind hearts. And we all are blessed with magical hands so why not use this superpower to keep spreading optimism and joy everywhere.


  1. Do you have yoga and meditation classes whereby one could stay at the premises say for a week to practice obviously for a fee.

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