An Incredible Gift During My Dad’s Transition

I have been graced with countless experiences in life that have given me absolute faith in God’s constant love, presence, and guidance. Recently I experienced the miracle of His grace and presence during the passing of my father. My husband Keshava and I are directors of the Ananda ashram in Delhi, India, and we’ve been living there for over 14 … Read More

Magic Hands

The flu season was again in town, and one after another everyone in my family was falling sick. Despite the fact that I am a yoga practitioner, and take a lot of pride in that, I couldn’t keep a cold at bay. Because of the high temperature, my head was hurting badly, and the medicines weren’t helping. This bothered my … Read More


The Power of God’s Grace

Swami Kriyananda’s guidance to others forms the bedrock of the spiritual life of countless souls throughout the world. One pivotal piece of advice he gave me in the early days of Ananda changed my understanding of how to approach the spiritual path. I had been a disciple for a few years and had been hit by a karmic test that … Read More



The tide of the old year is ebbing, and the new one is rolling in. It is time, once again, for New Year’s resolutions: the best opportunity to rid yourself of those habits you know to be self-destructive, and to develop those that you know will improve your life. Paramhansa Yogananda regularly wrote his students at this time of year, encouraging, … Read More

Seasons of Love and Longing

Sometimes it seems that there is a spring to one’s spiritual life and an autumn to it. As though there is a waxing and a waning. At times, the opportunities for spiritual practice are abundant, and devotion flows all the time, filling you with joy and grace, and a sense of belonging to God and to the Gurus. Then again, … Read More

The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer has to be tested before one can believe in it. Most of the time we hardly believe that our prayers will be heard, let alone answered. When we feel no divine response, we comfort ourselves that prayers are not always answered anyway. What we overlook, as too good to be true, is that God is not … Read More

Learning To Love

Learning to love truly is really the greatest learning of life in this world , or the Mrityulok, as it is called. Right from the time that we gain consciousness of our surroundings, we experience love in its different forms. First of all perhaps, comes Mother’s love, which one becomes aware of as a child. As a child one also … Read More

On Spiritual Progress

One of the common issues that a seeker on the spiritual path comes up with is: Am I really making any progress? This is a very human response. We are accustomed to goal oriented activity. We study to clear examinations and get into the next higher class. We take medicines to achieve cures for a disease or an undesirable condition. … Read More

The Full Moon

There was a full moon this year on Christmas Eve, a relatively rare event that last took place 38 years ago. The full moon occurs, of course, when the entire surface reflects the light of the sun back to the earth. As the moon makes its monthly revolution around the earth, it passes through all its various phases, from the … Read More


Global Warming

We need more global warming. No, not the kind where the average temperature rises. I mean where the average consciousness rises. The only true cure for many of the world’s problems—war, poverty, and even rising temperatures—is for mankind’s consciousness to expand. We are currently in the second of four ages or yugas, having entered the current age, Dwapara, a little … Read More