Paramhansa Yogananda called his temples in America “Churches of All Religions,” emphasizing the universal nature of true Sanatan Dharma. He said “We are not a sect.” He spoke as his mission as uniting all religions—not through belief, but through individual spiritual experience.

He described his plans for his Encinitas retreat: “Flags of the nations will hang in our halls. Diminutive temples will be built over the grounds, dedicated to the world’s principal religions.”

Finally at Lake Shrine he manifested this intention and placed statues of leading figures in the great world religions in picturesque spots about the grounds to emphasize the teaching of the basic oneness of all religions. Ananda has taken his example and made niches with symbols of different religions inside several of our temples, honoring the one light their prophets came to bring.

In 1962 Swami Kriyananda proposed a temple and ashram in Delhi, arranged within a beautiful park, open to all, based on unity of all religions, an international showcase for the new republic of India.

50 years later, in 2012, in discussing a teaching center and temple in Gurgaon, Swamiji suggested symbols of major religions on the grounds of the center. When it came time to plan landscaping for this garden, we remembered Swamiji’s suggestions. We’ve added a quote attributed to the founder of each religion, chosen to reflect the underlying unity of true teachings, as well as their common inner message of Self-realization. Vibhor Sogani has created beautiful sculptures from the symbols, a further reminder of the eternal truth all prophets have come to bring.

The spirit of Guru Prem is to offer a spiritual oasis in Delhi open to all—to attend a class or satsang, come for meditation on your own, sit by the murtis, visit Swamiji’s shrine, or just walk the gardens and feel uplifted.

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