“You are not responsible for anyone’s karma,” Dr Ushaganpathi said, in my online consultancy, when my COVID situation was worsening. “Shailesh, you need to destress and rest your body and mind enough so that it works more efficiently to heal your infection.” It was my 8th day of infection, my doctor sounded a bit worried so she counselled me over a phone conversation for 45 minutes, she is heading a COVID operation in one of the biggest hospitals in India. With a rather more fatal second wave in India, the mortality rate was high, her reason for worrying was but natural.

At this time, back home in Patna my mother, brother and sister-in-law (SIL) were fighting their lives in ICU, in their rather critical condition due to worsening COVID infection. Thankfully, the condition of my niece was not so bad. My father left his body a day after my entire family was hospitalised, also afflicted with COVID but not hospitalised with others due to his age. While I lay infected and worrying isolating at home in Delhi, paying my gratitude to the Masters for having a friend over to take care of me.

Going back to the start of it all, I spent my first three days of being positive – meditating, chanting, energising, resting enough to keeping myself upbeat, as when your body is vibrating in higher frequency, it fights the disease better. I was sending healing prayers to my family and the rest of Gurubhais suffering during this pandemic. I felt my strength coming from the battalion of Master’s army weaponising their raised hands with radiating power of Aum! An effective channel is self-healed or in other words “An instrument is blessed by that which flows through it,” as said the Master, and I was a well-proving example of his statement. I started to worry when my Ma fell in the bathroom and lay unconscious for more than 10 minutes till my brother realised that she is missing, and broke open the washroom door. The pervading virus had enveloped my entire family soon, with no help in the house, my brother and SIL kept serving and attending to my ailing parents without any rest. My bedridden dad with a 3-year long history of Parkinson’s disease was now stricken with COVID. My eyes got moist each time I had a phone conversation with family back home, trying to encourage my family to feed each other or even to give the medicine time to do the least while coping with the ailments.

Later on, Tyagi Keshava Ji shared that while conducting my Dad’s ascension ceremony he felt my dad was soaring with Masters. “I felt a deep joy as we did the Astral ascension” his exact words. I also believed that my dad’s suffering was over and he was well-received by his guru Devraha baba in the astral world, and free at last from the clutches of this world.

With this pandemic, where I lost many close and dear ones to COVID, but mostly because they panicked in the hospital beds in isolation and had a lesser level of inner calmness only affirmed what Master said, “..untrained warriors are soon killed on the battlefield; so also the persons untrained in the art of preserving their inner peace and quickly riddled by the bullets of worry and restlessness in active life.”

“Our suffering comes when we identify with the motion picture” remembering Master’s quote about life. I did resurrect the spiritual warrior in me and started praying vehemently to divine mother and Masters to save the lives of the rest of my family, who were now in a critical state. Two doctors (also cousins) worked tirelessly for 5 days while my SIL was on a ventilator with her lungs only working 5% to their capacity. It’s been over 70 days today my mother is gaining strength, my brother and niece are fully recovered. My SIL had a miraculous comeback and is slowly recovering after spending 53 days in ICU fighting for her life. What saved her was prayers and her will to live, the humble doctors said after putting such seamless effort to save her life.

My gratitude goes out to all those enthused healing angels who prayed for me and my family channelizing the power of aum and healing light in all three realms of our existence.

Jai Guru


  1. Very touching & heart warming , may Master keep you all family members in his loving protection & care .

  2. God bless you and your family,dear friend.. stay strong, blessed and always happy from within.. Master blessings are always with you and surrounding you and your family.. And God bless your friend and all Gurubhai’s. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much my friend 🙂 So blessed to have such strength in divine friendship

  3. A beautiful inspiring story and a beautiful picture, so peaceful!

  4. Shailesh, written so deeply from tour heart.. there isn’t much i can say, knowing how those days went by. God bless you

    1. Thank you so much Sumitra ji for all your blessing and seamless prayers

  5. Truly impressed with your truthful approach and sincere ever flowing love for yourself and the people around you. Undoubtedly the firm faith of affirmation could be seen and felt in the outcomes of this enduring experience of faith and selfless love. A message so powerful that one has no other option but to follow the oaths of integrity and abundant love that the Almighty has so generously bestowed to all of us. We just need to realise this greater reality. Thanx for sharing Shailesh.

    1. Truly said Sri, Almighty has been flowing through us always with unconditional love, its only upto us how we reach out. Thank you for words full of wisdom

  6. Indeed Many Prayers Do Make a Miracle!
    Much Love, Light and Power to all the Healing Angels of Master, praying selflessly for those in need.

    Thanks for sharing your ennobling thoughts and experience during these unprecedented times; it’s a living testimony to the truly pragmatic teachings of our Gurus, and reinforces our faith in God.

    ॐ गुरू

    1. Yes Richa, difficult times always bring us intense experience with firm learning. So blessed that we have such strong path full true nature of wisdom.

  7. What an incredibly heartbreaking and inspiring story! Thank you so much for sharing. You are such a channel of light in this world! Jai Guru

    1. Thank you Ishani, thank God and Gurus for such strong foundation we stand on.

  8. Sailesh your story touches the heart and bring tears of strong faith in our Guru.
    God bless you and your family always.
    Your inspiration will empower everyone around you. Aum Guru!

    1. Truly said Rachna. Our faith on our path and Gurus gets firm grip with such unfolding experience.

  9. I remember those days when you and your entire family were fighting for your lives. How traumatic and helpless at times you and all those around you must have felt, since at that particular time not even a hospital bed was available. But your story is a truely inspiring account that with trust in God and blessings from the Gurus and all around how even the seemingly insurmountable problems can be overcome

  10. Dear Shailesh, your story not only inspires but it is the great example of will power and strength. You are so blessed by all the saints and gurus not only for the being who you are but also how you inspire everyone around you with positivity. A heartfelt thank you to showing me the way to spiritual world. God bless you and your family with more power and strength.

  11. Thank you so much Shailesh for sharing this beautiful experience!!
    Deeply touches the heart!! Very inspiring to read about faith and total surrender to the Guru!!

  12. Thank you for sharing this incredible difficult time you have experienced. Thank you for showing how graceful and full of kindness you dealt with it all. Truly inspirational and lessons I will keep close to my heart.
    I look forward to read more about how you approach life.
    Sending you loads of love.

  13. God bless you and your family. Very touching & heart warming…what an experience and inspiration! You are so blessed

  14. Your writing is truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  15. These stories from so many are so shocking but we as devotees have the Master’s blessings and grace and so many practical things to do to come out of it. This is an example of clinging to the Guru and a prayer-demand to God and the Masters to help the whole family. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  16. This is a heart wrenching story Shailesh. But more than that, this is a story of your love for and faith in God, in the power of praying, and your belief in Miracles.
    With your own suffering and your own example you have shown us clearly that expecting a Miracle should come naturally to everyone.
    If you expect Miracles, you will have them. Just keep doing your part – keep praying.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  17. Thanks for Sharing your story. Reading these lines really keep all of us strong. We all r really blessed that we are living in Divine Mother light & love. Reading these lines must have given strength to all in this difficult time and help keep our faith strong in Universe I have been equally blessed that how Babajee has healed my Father , sister & boyfriend from Covid and given me enough strength to take care of all of them.. So your story is so close to my heart

    Sending love

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