Ways to participate at Ananda Gurgaon

Paramhansa Yogananda said, “If you want to be in tune with me, serve my work.”

What Seva Opportunities Are at Ananda Gurgaon?
1) Spread the teachings by sharing, posting and being brand ambassadors of Ananda Gurgaon on the social media.

2) Be a part of the Calling team by connecting with people who have shown interests in classes and workshops and inspiring them to join.

3) Design mailers, create content and posts for online promotion.

4) Do you have a technical side, or are you willing to learn? You can volunteer for hosting online events. Processing satsangs/ workshops audio and videos and uploading them to our website.

5) Be the channel of Divine Mother’s healing energy. You can be part of our Praying Angels family and pray for healing of others.

6) Volunteer to organize, cook and serve Prasad at the Centre.

7) Manage and serve at boutique keep records of sales of books, music and other items.

8) Volunteer for maintenance of Gurgaon Centre based on the needs of the time.

9) Bring flowers, decorate altar and other parts of the Centre especially during special events.

10) Be a part of the Kirtan and choir group. The only requirements are to love the music that we sing and the willingness to practice on your own during the week, come to attend.

“All those who support this work now, and in the future, I bless.”
—Paramhansa Yogananda

Many Hands Make a Miracle!