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Swami Kriyananda would often describe our consciousness as being made up of different qualities he called “mental citizens.” Some “citizens” want to make us smaller, and others want to see us expand.

In this interactive workshop, we will use the tools of introspection, energization, and concentration to identify the key soldiers in our own battle of Kurukshetra, and empower our inner Pandavas to vanquish the Self-limiting power of our inner Kauravas.

  • Identify negative thought patterns
  • Learn to direct your energy towars your goals.
  • Based on the teachings of Bhagavad Gita

Note: Please bring pen and paper for the class.

Registration Fee: ₹ 200
A login link will be sent to you after the registration.

About the Presenter: Aryavan McSweeney

Aryavan was born and raised at Ananda Community in Palo Alto, California. After studying film in university, he met Swami Kriyananda in India at the age of 22, and spent the next three and a half years traveling with him as his videographer. At Swami’s instruction, he taught in the high school at the Education for Life school in Ananda Village. He now lives in Delhi with his wife Ishani, where they are both part of the promotions team for Ananda India.