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Yogananda is often referred to as the “Flawless Mirror” who could reflect back to us our own highest potential. Children are mirrors as well, reflecting back to us our own energies, tendencies, and consciousness. We must be supremely vigilant in how we respond and interact with them: with love, understanding, patience, and positive energy, which by far is the hardest challenge.

Ananda family Sangha’s Spiritual Sundays for Children is a corporative effort of families involved with Ananda Sangha.

This program helps direct the boundless energies of children inwardly, through Prayers, Affirmation, Chanting, Nature games and many other activities.

As the school sessions have re-started and homework /school activities take up so much of their time, with parents input the Spiritual Sundays for Children will be held on second Sunday of every month, starting from July’18, on 8th July.

These classes will continue instruction in key areas as how to be more energetic, self-disciplined, socially sensitive and spiritually aware. When these broader life-lessons have been mastered a child can be said to have realized their highest potential.

This Sunday ,July 8th, we will connect the children with the spiritual meaning of “Family” through games and role playing.