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“Overcoming Habits With Wisdom of the Mahabharata” Retreat (In-Person & Online)
Saturday, 15 June, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Success and Habits Yogananda - Writing on Desk

Habits have the power to either paralyse our will or to help us direct our energies positively toward our goal. This workshop will help you enjoy the freedom that comes from removing bad habits and move you closer to self-mastery. Join Sachi, Hari and Shivendra to discuss:

  • The hidden insights in the Mahabharata
  • Exploring conscious and subconscious habit patterns
  • Creating good habits and eliminating negative ones
  • Tools and techniques to become masters of ourselves

With handouts, chanting, affirmations, guided meditations, and introspective exercises you will be armed with the right tools to destroy your bad habits and tendencies. 

Venue: N-100, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi
Registration Fee: Rs 500 (Free for Supporting Members)

(Note: If you are attending online, the Zoom link for the retreat will be sent to you after making the payment)

True freedom consists in doing things, i.e., eating, reading, helping, etc., in accordance to right judgment and choice of will; not in being compelled by habits.Paramhansa Yogananda