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Yogic teachings talk of an immense reservoir of energy waiting to be tapped at the base of the spine. This is the Kundalini Shakti or Serpent Power which literally means “the coiled”. Kundalini represents the entrenched vitality of our mortal delusion. But it is also man’s single key to enlightenment. Only by arousing this force from its ancient resistance to divine Truth can the soul hope to reunite itself with the Spirit. A lot of mystery and myth surrounds the Kundalini power.

Join Vasudha to learn more about our energy and the Kundalini power as well as the ancient techniques and practices which help to awaken this Shakti within us. All are welcome.

Registeration Fee: ₹ 200/-

The class will be broadcasted only on zoom. After you register, you will get a mail with the link to access.

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