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We invite you all to bring in the New Year 2019 with your spiritual family & friends. By our united prayers and efforts to uphold in our lives the ideals we share, we strengthen one another and help to spread a spirit of hope, of faith in God’s goodness and in the divine potential of every soul.

We will have an evening of chanting prayers & affirmations, performing fire ceremony with 108 Mahamrityunjaya mantras, listening to recordings, and meditating; to invoke Master’s guidance and will to lead us through consciously initiated, continued efforts for self-realization & spiritual success.

As Master said; “Let us remember the joyous instructions and blissful experiences of the past year, and let us repeat them with greater intensity in the coming New Year. Let us forget the sorrows of the past and make up our minds not to bring them back in the coming New Year. With new determination and unflinching will, let us make up our mind to renew our life, our better habits, and our successes in the temple of the New Year.”

“Every day in the New Year must become an altar for the God of new living, new achievements in wisdom, and new joy. Every day in the New Year must bring hope and cheer to yourself and all humanity.”