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You are probably not a violent person outwardly. But what about inwardly? How do we keep from being unkind, disrespectful, judgmental, or angry at others or ourselves?

Ahimsa (non-violence, harmlessness) is one of five Yama (the don’ts) that are outlined in Patanjali’s yoga sutras. What Patanjali referred to by ahimsa, essentially, was the attitude of the mind, rather than the literal acts of the body. Notice how easily and casually we could be doing harm to others and ourselves by just a slight thought, a word or even by a mere glance.

Join this holiday morning retreat to explore new ways of practicing ahimsa in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

The retreat will include Energisation Exercises, Ananda Yoga, chanting, meditation, affirmation, healing prayers, insights/discussion on ahimsa, and time for introspection.

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Meeting ID: 854 6439 0667
Passcode: 250552