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Joy in Nature: ‘Sharing Nature’ Activities (In-Person)
Saturday, 26 January, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Simple, enjoyable Sharing Nature exercises provide you with a direct, personal experience of the wonder and joy of nature. Some activities are playful; some are more meditative. By deepening your relationship with nature, you will also deepen your relationship with your true Self and cultivate inner peace and freedom. Bring your children along!


This workshop will take place in Siri Fort Park.

We will meet outside the park and enter from a gate in Panchsheel Park. The exact location will be provided upon registration.

What to bring:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • A hat, sun screen
  • A water bottle

Physical Fitness:

We will walk in the park for 15 minutes to reach our activity area. You do not need to walk fast. In fact, we want to walk slowly to see, hear, and feel nature.

Age Group:

Both adults and children (age 8 and above) are welcome.
This workshop includes meditation and a few individual activities in silence. Small and young children are not recommended.

Register in advance.

Registration fee: Rs.500 (For adults), Rs.200 (For children under 15 years)

We will inform you of a meeting location upon your registration and payment.

Register Here


"It was my second time. The activities were quite fun and I enjoyed them thoroughly. They helped me in becoming more aware of natural life and myself. I was able to appreciate the innate connection we all have with nature in its different forms i.e. air, water, trees, birds, ground, sky, etc. They all listen to and respond very well to your talks and intentions. I felt so lively and connected. Though nature is bustling with activity, the influence it has on our body and mind is so soothing."
- Pankaj Mongia

I was excited and was looking forward to the 'Joy in Nature walk. After a brief introduction, Sita and Bhanu encouraged us to surrender to nature, its wonderful sounds, colours and unspoken stories. We walked in silence to feel nature within us. The nature activities playfully merged us with the calmness around us. Meditating with the group, the birds' song, and the busy squirrels was amazing. I was energised by the harmony and symphony that exist in nature! Thank you for this amazing experience.
- Sherien Madan

It was an incredible experience. I attended it a second time along with my daughter. We started with a very fun activity and I didn't know when we transitioned to deeper activities. By the end of it, I had tears in my eyes and a smile in my heart. It felt like Mother Nature had unburdened me and embraced me in its love & glory. I will soon be attending another session.
- Paramjeet