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Swami Kriyananda introduced a new kind of music to the world: music that expresses spiritual aspiration and a desire for a more meaningful way of life. This music is, as its purpose suggests, quite simple, yet beautiful. Join Dhuti, a long-time Ananda member and musician, to learn how this music can fill you with divine joy and uplift your consciousness. Dhuti lives in Ananda community in Assisi, Italy and will be visiting Dehli for a short time.

Do not miss this opportunity to connect with her.

About Dhuti

Before Dhuti moved to Ananda Village in 1979, she had a very musical upbringing with piano and guitar lessons starting at a young age, four years of classical voice training, singing in children’s, church and school choirs, ensembles, madrigal groups, barber shop quartets, rock & roll bands, and folk groups, as well as leading singing activities at a summer camp.

After moving to Ananda Village in 1979 she sang in the Ghandharvas small group, directed the choirs in Palo Alto, Ananda Village and throughout India. In more recent years she has accompanied Ananda teachers on tour in India, Israel, Romania, New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain, Italy and different cities in the US. With the advent of Covid she has been offering online Sing Alongs three times a week, as well as lessons and classes.