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Working with the energies of the chakras is one of the most valuable of all life skills. The outer aspects of your life – who you are and what happens in your life – are the direct results of what is going on in your chakras. The more we tune in to the chakras in meditation and in daily life, and allow them to work for and with us, helping us to channel all our energies into an inward and upward flow, the more they churn out the true happiness, joy, and unending bliss in every aspect of our lives.

In each class, you will:

  • Learn about the Spiritual Anatomy within us based on Ancient Indian teachings.
  • Experience and develop awareness of the Chakras through yoga, pranayama, meditation, visualization, affirmation and more.
  • Take home simple tools and techniques to work with your Chakras in everyday life.

We will take two chakras at a time and dive deep into them.

  •  2 Feb – Class 1: First and Fourth Chakras
  • 16 Feb – Class 2: Second and Fifth Chakras
  • 23 Feb – Class 3: Third and Six Chakras

Registration Fee: ₹ 200 per class (Free for supporting members)