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“How to Live Without Fear” Retreat 
(In-Person Only)
Saturday, 18 May, 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

“One of the greatest enemies of willpower is fear. Avoid it both in thought and in action. Fear doesn’t help you to get away from the object of fear, it only paralyzes your willpower.”Paramhansa Yogananda

Fear is a common emotion in the world today. With faltering economies, pandemics, global warming, and many other evils, the world can be a scary place. To stand unshaken amidst the challenges of life, it’s crucial to learn how to overcome fear. This is exactly what we will discuss in this retreat. Join us to discover:

  • The Mental Bacteria of Fear and Its Symptoms
  • How to Rid the Mind of Worry Poisons
  • The Power of Meditation, Affirmation and Chanting
  • Essential Attitudes to Live Without Fear
With tons of insightful tips, introspective exercises, chanting, yoga, meditation, affirmations and visualisations, you will be equipped with all necessary tools to rise above your fears.

Registration Fee: Rs 500 (Free for Supporting Members)