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Celebrate International Day of Yoga with us!

Our health and well being depend greatly on our attitude than food, exercises or medicines (though they have roles to play). Who we are and how well we are begins from within, and goes without. Many things we do to cure illness are only at the surface level. For example, hate, tension, nervousness, worry or fear will affect your health no matter what you do. In contrast, you find cheerful people don’t get ill very often. When they do, they get well very quickly.

Join Brahmachari Jemal to learn yogic ways of achieving well being.

Brahamachari Jemal

Since 2004 through his public lectures, meditation classes, and personal counsel, Brahmachari Jemal has taught over a thousand people how to meditate in the NCR region, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. He has helped start meditation groups in several Indian cities. He also travels on a regular basis to assist people in their spiritual quest.

SJemal met Swami Kriyananda (Ananda’s leader and founder) in 2003. He lived with Swami Kriyananda until his passing in 2013.

The session will be live streamed on Zoom and Facebook. Click below to access.