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“Always remember that you belong to no one, and no one belongs to you.” –Lahiri Mahasaya

Join us for an evening of chanting, guided meditation and a devotional ceremony as we offer tribute to the life and teachings of Lahiri Mahasaya on his Mahasamadhi – a yogi’s final conscious exit from his body.

Lahiri Mahasaya was the guru of Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, and thus the param-guru of Paramhansa Yogananda.

In the chapter called “The Christlike Life of Lahiri Mahasaya” of Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda writes:

Unknown to society in general, a great spiritual renaissance began to flow from a remote corner of Benares. Just as the fragrance of flowers cannot be suppressed, so Lahiri Mahasaya, quietly living as an ideal householder, could not hide his innate glory. Slowly, from every part of India, the devotee-bees sought the divine nectar of the liberated master.

The life of Lahiri Mahasaya was noteworthy in many ways: he brought Kriya Yoga back to the world in this age, he served as guru to thousands of disciples, and he also pioneered a new way of life for all spiritual aspirants, of complete inner renunciation while honouring all responsibilities. In this he demonstrated that the highest Divine perceptions are not barred to householders.

This kirtan will be led by Tyagis Narayani and Shurjo, Center Leaders at Ananda Sangha Mumbai.