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How can the orientation of distant planets and stars affect our lives? The solar system is actually a reflection of our inner reality, not the other way around. By understanding planetary influences, and how to intelligently work with them, astrology can help deliver into our hands the tools to work constructively with our own nature and individual karma. We’ll dive deep into astrology using chanting, visualizations, affirmations, and music.

Registration Fee: Rs 700 (includes tea and snacks)

Keshava Betts is an adept astrologer. He has studied astrology for many years and instinctively understands how the stars and planets communicate with us. He is a lifelong disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, a teacher at Livinsg Wisdom High School in Palo Alto, and also a performing artist—cellist, vocal soloist, and actor. As a teacher, astrologer, and musician, Keshava aims to share the transformative vibration of wisdom and joy in everything he does.