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Sunday 24th December from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The heart of Ananda’s Christmas is this eight-hour meditation. Chanting, music, and inspirational recordings carry you along. The time goes by more quickly and enjoyably than you could imagine. The blessings are tangible and stay with us well into the New Year.


“Go deep, completely forgetting yourself, praying and singing to Christ as never before.”  – Paramhansa Yogananda.

Here are some tips for the day, and the full schedule:

Please keep silence throughout the day.

Preparation: Rather than a heavy breakfast, eat light, easy to digest, foods—or fast. Some people like to bring a light snack for the midday break, when tea and biscuits will also be available.

Clothing: Dress in loose, soft, comfortable clothes, a little warmer than usual, and a blanket or shawl. Don’t bring nylon clothes or plastic bags that may cause a sound.

What to bring: Guru Prem will have the usual chairs and cushions, but you may wish to bring personal cushions or shawls. Bring earplugs and an Aum board if you use one. If you bring water, have it in a bottle which does not make noise.

What not to bring: Your mobile phone – or make arrangements so you can keep it switched off (not vibrate mode). Please don’t come if you have a cold with persistent coughing or sneezing, and please quietly leave the room if a coughing or sneezing fit occurs during the silent meditation. Wait for the chanting break to re-enter the hall.

Timing: Please come by 8:30 am if possible, to set up your sitting area, and energize in the garden. There is a power when we start together at 9:00 am, with prayer, chanting and deep meditation. The vibration builds throughout the day, so please stay all day if you can.
If you come later in the day, enter the meditation hall only during the chanting and music breaks, in order to keep silence in the hall during the meditations. There will be chairs in the dining room and meditation room downstairs where you can start your meditation on your own, until the chanting break. The dining room will also be for ‘overflow’ seating, and speakers will broadcast chanting and music from the meditation hall.
The chanting breaks, when you can take your seat in the hall, will be at 10:30, 12:45-1:20, 2:15, 3:15, and 4:10. The programme will end with prayers at 5:00pm. If you leave the programme before 5:00pm, please leave during the chanting breaks, not during the silent meditation.


8.00 AM to 9.00 AM – Energisation exercise and Pranayama

9:00 AM- Prayer, Invocation, welcome, brief description of day
“Meditate deeply on Universal Christ Consciousness!”

9:15 AM- Chanting
9:30 AM-  Meditation (1 Hour)

10:30 AM- Chanting
10:45 AM- Meditation (2 Hours)

12:45 PM- Music
1:00 PM- Mid-day break

1:20 PM- Chanting
1:30 PM- Meditation (45 minutes)

2:15 PM- Music and Chanting
2:30 PM- Meditation (45 Minutes)

3:15 PM- Music and Chanting
3:40 PM- Meditation (30 Minutes)

4:10 PM- Music and Chanting
4:30 PM- Meditation (20 Minutes)

4:55 PM- Closing Chant, Healing Prayer, Closing Prayer
5:00 PM- Conclusion