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Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Words that are saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith and intuition are just like highly explosive vibration bombs, which when let out, are sure to explode the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired.”

Both affirmations and prayers can be such powerful “bombs”.

Affirmation is a powerful tool for personal transformation. It is a proven method of influencing the subconscious mind and replacing those negative thoughts with positive statements of well-being.

Prayer is something many of us are familiar with since childhood. However, we sometimes wonder whether God is even listening, especially when we fancy ourselves in trouble and no help seems to be coming our way. Is there a better way of praying that will draw God’s response?

Following last month’s workshop on this topic, Rashmi and Bindu will take you deeper into subtle aspects of affirmations and prayers, and share real-life stories. Join to learn how to experience their power in your life.

All are welcome. No prerequisite.

“To reach God, your prayers must be interiorized with concentration and permeated with devotion.” – Paramhansa Yogananda

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