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“Yogic Tools to Overcome Nervousness” with Aarti Verma and Surabhi Bali (In-Person)
Sunday, 26 November, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Nervousness is the root cause of all diseases which affect mankind. Yogananda said, “Nerves are the wires of the bodily factory.” Most people experience nervousness but may not understand the overall damage it can cause. Join Aarti and Surabhi to learn time-tested and practical yogic tools to work on physical and mental causes of nervousness. These techniques will help you overcome fear, worry, anger, and anxiety to remain calm amidst the crash of breaking worlds! 

Registration Fee: ₹200 (Free for Supporting Members).

Aarti Verma is a certified Ananda Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Sharing Nature facilitator. She is certified in specialty yoga including Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Aarti has been conducting specialized workshops and classes for Ananda Sangha Delhi since 2016. The recent class topics include karma and free will, and overcoming harmful emotions. She is also a sound therapist with a keen interest in aiding people to balance their energies.
Surabhi Bali is a painter, a creative artist and a theatre actor. Her paintings and sculptures have been displayed in various city art galleries. She has used multiple mediums and visual languages in the past two decades to express herself. In 2021, she published her first book of short stories, Towards Life and Other Stories. Surabhi is initiated into Kriya Yoga, and has been an active member at Ananda Sangha Delhi.